It’s that time of the year again folks – the leaves are turning orange, there’s a chill in the air, and your instincts are telling you to curl up in a blanket and watch some spooky stories!

If you too are excited for the most horror-full time of the year, we’ve got a home decoration idea that will knock your long striped socks off – Halloween Christmas trees.

Pink Halloween tree decorated with a witch's hat, paper bats, pumpkins, spiders and a raven

Now you might be thinking, Pink?! That’s not very Halloweeny! Well, we care to disagree.

The best thing about Halloween is that it is what you make it. We went for a fun, feminine theme for our Halloween tree by building monochrome details onto a cotton candy-pink base, which makes it go perfectly with our gorgeous Drink Up Witches serveware .

Close up of tableware including cupcakes, witch's hat napkins, skull cups and Drink Up Witches tumblers

First things first – the tree. You can use any colour, shape or size – there are so many versions out there and there’s no reason you can’t reuse your existing Christmas tree!

Once it’s up, spend a bit of time fluffing out the branches. You want to fan out the smaller branches so that the tree looks fuller and more pleasing to the eye – we don’t want any bald patches.

Next, add your decorative lights. We chose these fluffy white pom pom string lights, which by themselves might not look very spooky, but we’ll be working on that. Drape them evenly around the tree, making sure that no hot elements are touching anything flammable.

Now this might be a tad controversial, but we think that adding the tree topper is the next logical step. Depending on how tall your tree is, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by getting this part done now – plus it sets the tone for the rest of your decorations.

You could go with skulls, plushies, a cute little owl or a repurposed centrepiece, but we loved the look of this witch’s hat perched on top.

Black witch's hat is perched on top of a pink artificial tree with spiders, cobwebs and bat decorations

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