Four honeycomb Christmas decorations

We all know that Christmas is the best time of the year to gather the kids around the table and get your craft on!

We’ve put together an amazing list with some of our favourite Christmas crafts and games that you can do with the children, or by yourself, to make Christmas a little brighter this year.


1. Honest Christmas Gift Tags

Usually, Christmas is all about being friendly, happy, giving and positive! 

But however hard we try, we don’t always hit the mark with our presents, and sometimes it’s best to just admit your failings up front.

That’s why we’ve put together these honest Christmas gift tags!

Free Printable Honest Christmas Gift Tag

2. Printable Santa Gift Tags

If you’re looking for a way to make Christmas extra magical for the little ones who still believe in Santa, these gift tags might just be perfect.

All you need to do is download our free printable, cut them out and fill them in before attaching to your presents.

There’s a space to add the recipient’s name, a tick box for being Naughty or Nice, and another to select which delivery method he took – chimney, window, front door or magic key!

3. Creative Ways To Wrap Your Presents

It’s easy to get into a rut with Christmas wrapping – you buy the paper, standard wrapping form, maybe add a bow or a ribbon.

Well we’ve decided that that’s BORING. And that’s why we’ve put together a few ideas for brightening up your presents with some simple crafts and ideas!

Homemade Bows

Bows can instantly jazz up a present but buying them from the shops can get quite pricey for something you just throw away afterwards. We made our own great value gift bows using some glittery paper that we bought from a craft shop. Simply cut your glittery card into thin strips, fold each one in half and stick them together behind a small circle of cardboard. Voilà!

Bow Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea

And if you really want to go to town on your gift wrapping, you could make this larger bow out of pink glittery cardboard. Fold a small piece of card around the middle of a longer strip and cut out two rectangular strips for the ends of the ribbon. Fasten it on with some sticky tape and a gift tag.

Bow Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea

Santa Claus Gift Wrapping

Ho ho ho! Give a gift that looks like it came straight from the big man himself with some red wrapping paper and a long thin piece of black paper to wrap around the middle to make a belt. Then cover a rectangular piece of paper with the middle cut out with gold glitter to make the belt buckle and attach a gift tag.

Santa Claus Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea

Snowflake Gift Wrapping

Look how pretty this looks and it couldn’t be easier to make! Wrap your gift in light blue or green wrapping paper and then fold a piece of white paper into four. Cut out a pattern, unfold it to reveal your finished snowflake and attach it to your present with some pink ribbon. 

Snowflake Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea

Candy Cane Christmas Wrapping

It’s not Christmas without a few candy canes! Once you’ve wrapped your present in a festive red wrapping paper, attach a candy cane with a piece of red or black ribbon. It’ll be a cute little gift before the real gift gets opened!

Candy Cane Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea

Bauble Gift Tags

Get your hands on some cheap Christmas baubles and you’ve got a really easy way to jazz up your Christmas wrapping. Simply tie some ribbon around your gift and then attach two small baubles in the colour of your choice – the more sparkly or festive, the better!

Bauble Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea


4. Christmas Jam Jar Tutorial

Upcycle some old jam jars – or glass jars of any kind, really – to make these stunningly simple.

Glittery Jam Jar Decorations

Apart from the jam jars, all you need is some glitter, ribbon and tea lights. These are perfect for fireplaces, windowsills, side tables, and even as a gorgeous centrepiece to a Christmas dinner table.

5. Candy Cane Sleigh

This really quick craft hides a delicious secret – it’s all made out of chocolate!

6. Reindeer Craft Ideas

These ideas are very much targeted at younger children, but make for some super cute decorations for the festive season! You could even give some out to aunts and uncles to take home after Christmas dinner.

7. Festive Balloon Displays

You may have noticed that we get a little bit excited about balloons! You might not think of Christmas as a balloon kind of holiday, but we beg to differ, and have put together some ideas for gorgeous festive balloon displays.

Happy Holly Days

Holly is a classic decoration that we don’t see enough of at Christmas! Spare yourself the pricked fingers by making your own holly display out of balloons.

How to make your own

  1. Inflate four green star balloons.
  2. Attach two red pompom decorations to your wall with pins or sticky tape, so that they look like a pair of berries.
  3. Arrange two balloons on each side of the pompom berries and attach to your wall with sticky tape.

Festive Balloon Wreath

A festive Christmas wreath made from colourful balloons.

How to make your own

  1. Inflate all your balloons. We used about 40 for our large wreath, so if you only want a little one, simply halve the number of balloons!
  2. Sort them into bunches of between three and five balloons and tie each one securely together with string.
  3. Arrange the balloon bunches in a circle, leaving a hole in the middle.
  4. Attach them to a wall, door or window with sticky tape.
  5. Decorate with a ribbon, if you like!

8. Candy Cane Reindeer

This is one of our favourite Christmas crafts – candy cane reindeer. As far as candy cane crafts go this is probably the easiest and your reindeer can even double up as Christmas tree decorations and table decorations – whatever takes your fancy!

Candy Cane Reindeer

Stick on two googly eyes and a curled up red pipe cleaner for the nose and you’ve got yourself a candy cane Rudolph! Attach them to a small piece of red ribbon to hang them from your tree or save them for festive stocking fillers on Christmas morning. You could even put one next to each person’s plate at Christmas dinner!

We’d recommend leaving the cellophane wrappers on to keep them fresher for longer (your guests might not have room to eat them straight after Christmas dinner!)

Candy Cane Crafts for Christmas


Okay here’s the good stuff folks – the obligatory Christmas cookie!

We were so lucky to have the wonderful Maggy Woodley from Red Ted Art write a guest post for us about making these delicious little Santa cookies. All you need – apart from the ingredients – is a star shaped cookie cutter, some mini marshmallows and red food colouring.

These are so simple there’s no reason why the kids can’t get involved – with adult supervision, of course!

10. Christmas Cupcake Recipe

We all love a cupcake in the Party Delights office – and it’s even better when they’re seasonally decorated!

Setting the Table

11. Wine Bottle Tags

With our free printable wine bottle tags, this craft is as easy as Christmas cake! All you need to do is print off the designs, make a hole where we’ve shown and slot it over the neck of whatever wine, Prosecco or bubbly you’ve bought for the table this Christmas!

12. Candy Cane Place Card Holders

Next up is another ingenious Christmas craft – candy cane place card holders. You’ll need three candy canes per person and a ribbon to tie them together. Pick a colour that fits your table decorations and tie the candy canes together with a ribbon.

Then take a small rectangular piece of card, write your guest’s name and pop it in between two of the candy canes. Et voilà! A simple yet impressive candy cane craft that takes seconds to put together.

13. Christmas Paper Plate Decorations

While you’d usually find these plates on a festive buffet table, we see this as yet another opportunity to get creative with your Christmas décor.

Christmas decorations made from paper plates to look like Santa, Rudolph, a snowman and a Christmas pudding.

How to make your own:

For the Christmas pudding

  1. Take a white paper plate and cut out a section of Christmas pudding icing.
  2. Stick this onto a brown paper plate
  3. Cut some holly leaves out of green card and use it to decorate your plate, along with two chocolate balls covered in red foil.

For your Santa Claus

  1. Take a white paper plate and cut out Santa’s beard.
  2. Stick this onto a red paper plate.
  3. Add a couple of chocolate balls for Santa’s eyes and nose.

For Rudolph

  1. Take two brown paper plates and use one to cut out two reindeer antlers.
  2. Stick these onto the edge of your other plate.
  3. Add a couple of chocolate balls for Rudolph’s eyes and nose.

For your snowman

  1. Take a white paper plate.
  2. Create your snowman’s face using chocolate balls for the eyes, nose and mouth. This one isn’t that difficult really, is it!

Then, you can simply leave these around your home as a fun surprise for party guests. If you want to stick them to walls, doors or windows, simply draw on each character’s facial features instead of using chocolates. Easy-peasy!

14. Christmas Tree Napkin

The simplest way to dress up your table – even the kids can be helpful in sorting these napkins!

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

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